What to Look For In Dental Insurance

It is that time again when as an employee of any company that open enrollment has started. Most people are confused as to what coverage for Dental to choose. You have so many choices to choose from that it runs together and people give up and just pick anything.So here is some information that might help make choosing easier.

*HMO : most of the time this plan gives the best price for the amount of money you spend monthly and usually the best percentage of coverage for example Diagnostic/ preventive  is 100% covered, Basic which is fillings, Endodontics (root Canals) Periodontics, Oral Surgery are usually between 80 to 90% covered. Major which covers crowns,bridges,dentures,partials and sometimes implants are usually covered between 50 to 90% depending on the plan that is picked. this plan maybe cheaper for the employee out of pocket per month but the catch is that you have to stay with a Dentist that is listed by the Insurance Company and on occasions if for what ever reason you wish to change  dentist it can be very difficult to do so. This is the only way you will not pay Out of Network fees out of pocket or the whole bill.

*PPO : There is a standard coverage of 100/80/50 %. the price per month might be higher for the employee, but you get to choose any in network Dentist that accepts PPO and you can still get a list of Dentist that are taking that specific Insurance. This plan is one of the easier plans to change from dentist to dentist and still be able to keep in the network fees.

There could be waiting periods on both type of plans, plus a missing tooth clause, where if you had a tooth extracted using a different Insurance company the new one is not obligated to pay for replacing that tooth or teeth. So be sure to check if there are waiting periods and any clauses that would leave you with the unexpected bill. Here at Rangewood Dental we are accepting PPO plans, no insurance, medicaid.  Call Jenny if you have any questions or would like to schedule today at (719) 632-2952.